Thursday Night Quiz

The Quiz is on a short hiatus until the first Thursday of January – our quiz masters aren’t sober enough to get the questions right, let alone the answers! 

One of our longest standing traditions here at The White House pub is our famous Thursday Night Quiz.


Six in a team, cash prizes to be won every week!

Each round consists of 2 sections, each section has 10 questions. We have 3 rounds in total and the team stand a chance of winning £10 in each round. At the end of the entire quiz, the overall winners take home the pot. It’s only £1 per person to play.

Our mixed bag of questions suit all age groups. Every now and then, we have a music round, but rest assured every week there is a picture round, which can be lots of fun.

Originally, quiz nights were hosted by one quiz master – Phil. But we thought we’d mix it up a little and invite different brains to run the quiz. We’ve had Chris, Joe, Lucy, Steve, Gaya, Alan, Liz and loads more (these are all people who have participated in the quiz before and are regulars at the pub.)

We invite anyone who’s played in the quiz before, or hasn’t or is new to town, or even new to the pub, to come and have a go or perhaps even show us how its done. We offer £10 (to be spent behind the bar) to quiz masters for the night. If you would like to host the quiz one night, or even more than that, please either e-mail us, or come speak to anyone behind the bar and we’ll get you signed up.

One of our picture rounds; if you know some of these answers,  then come along next week, bring a team and have some fun.

Picture round White House Pub Quiz


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